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A laser is a device that uses light energy to perform work. Lasers are unique because they can treat targeted tissue while leaving surrounding tissue unaffected. It is this property among others that allows your dentist to perform very precise procedures. In addition lasers may seal off blood vessels and nerve endings during a procedure thereby reducing pain and swelling. In many cases due to their gentle and precise nature lasers are used with little or no anesthetic.

How are lasers used in Endodontics (Root Canals)?
A laser may be used to gain access to the infected nerve and clean, shape, enlarge and disinfect the root canal. Sometimes Dr. Browdy will choose to use the laser to perform only parts of the procedure. Advantages of using a laser to perform a root canal are that the procedure oftentimes may be performed without anesthesia and its use conserves as much natural tooth structure and strength as possible. The endodontistís goal in root canal therapy is to disinfect the root canal and fill the area with an inert material while maintaining as much strength of the tooth as possible. The precision and disinfecting qualities of the laser help dentists achieve these goals.

Is this a new procedure?
Lasers have been used in medicine and dentistry for many years.  The FDA has approved the use of lasers for many dental procedures including those within the spectrum of endodontics.

Why does Dr. Browdy use a laser in addition to other instruments?
Lasers are used because of the precise control they afford the dentist and the comfort they provide to patients. Lasers perform many functions at once. Not only can a laser remove tissue but it can also be used to seal blood vessels and nerve endings, reducing bleeding and postoperative pain and swelling. Dentists and patients also appreciate that many times a laser may be used with minimal or no anesthetic.

What about pain?
One of the biggest advantages of laser therapy is the fact that many times procedures can be performed with much less postoperative discomfort than with conventional methods alone. This is due to the laserís ability to seal off nerve endings and blood vessels and to be tissue specific during treatment. Hard tissue lasers have been reported to have an analgesia type effect making the use of anesthetic unnecessary in many cases. Since hard tissue lasers are used in a non contact manner there is also less heat and vibration produced versus a traditional hand-piece or drill which can cause microscopic cracks or fractures in the tooth.

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